Dating Trend You Need To Follow In 2019

Dating Trend You Need To Follow In 2019

The times are always changing, and along with it changes the concept of dating. Once upon a time before dating became a casual thing, people actually had to spend a lot of time wooing their partner before they started to date. Thanks to the technologies those days are gone!

If you think that you are lagging with the date skills we are here to offer you help. Go with the flow learn the latest trends of dating that are a must:

  • Online dating: online dating is a real blessing for many. It is good news for the public speaking fearing introverts and great news for those who are too lazy to take up the initiative to start a communication. The process is time-saving. Only one swipe on the app and you are good to go. We have the liberty to choose our partner according to our personality and preference. It is a great platform for seeking like-minded people. Find your soul mate without having to face many frogs!

  • Adventure seekers: take your date phase to the next level. Experience some adventure together. It is an ideal way to spend quality time together and getting to know each other better. It is only when you know the comforts and discomforts of the person by spending a considerable amount of time together, you know them in and out. Romantic gate away is very much in trend in 2019, don’t give it a miss!

  • Do what your heart says but take the mind with you: we are the young and restless generation. Emotions influence our decisions a great deal but being reasonable in your decisions is advisable. We meet new people every day but in today’s world, we can never know someone’s true intention. Instead of jumping to a conclusion after a few meetings, get to know the person better and then decide to take the next step forward with your date. Be careful of bird boxing because the last thing we desire is a heartbreak!

  • Be yourself: the options we get through online sites is overwhelming but mostly it is not until you meet the person in reality that you actually start dating. Authenticity and originality are what the millennials seek in a world full of fake smiles, heartbreaks, and all the negativity. Try to be that one ray of hope.

Things that should be avoided

There are lots of bizarre trends followed in dating nowadays. 

  • Ghosting: Ghosting is an online dating trend where a person with whom you have regular contact suddenly disappears as if they never existed. It is as absurd as it sounds and we should be lucky enough not to face such situations!

  • Cookie jarring: In simple terms, it is double dating. Before taking a leap of faith do a background study of your date to avoid getting cookie jarred!

Cut out these toxic trends from your dating routine and you will surely see the beauty of building a healthy and meaningful relationship with the right one.