Top 10 Relationship Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

A relationship is a very complicated thing. When it comes to choosing a partner we all have our preferences already set. For some, it may be their religion, family, and money, while some may look for some deeper qualities like matureness, compatibility, sense of humor and character of the person. The basic thing is we all have them and when we find a potential partner we create this checklist and start ticking off the things in it.

This process may be good and may seem to work for many but what this does is it takes our heart away from the matter. It makes us oblivious to the things which really matter, thus inevitably the relationship ends and then we spiral into the state of self-loathing and much other toxicity. If you Google bond advice you will find out many questionnaires specifically designed to get you closer to your partner. This is all well and good, but what Google fails to provide is the questions we need to ask ourselves in order to avoid the ordeal of a potential heartbreak. So, below are ten questions you should ask yourself for a better and much healthier relationship:

Are You Good Enough For Your Partner Or Do They Want To Leave?

Just stop and introspect. Go to the time you had your first glace of your partner. Try and remember that feeling of a strong, innate desire, the feeling which you were not able to shake off for days on end. The thought of treating them better than anyone ever could or ever will, hold onto this thought. Now, come back to present and think are you treating them the way they deserve? Are all their needs and desires getting fulfilled? If the answer to such questions is no, you are inevitably pushing them away. Because if you can’t do that, they will find someone who can.

Why Are You In This Relationship? Who Are You Benefiting?

The relationship for once is not for faint-hearted. It takes dedication, selflessness, and unconditional love to see one through. You need to question yourself that why should you make such a commitment? Because maybe, the payout will be huge and in terms of something which could never be quantified with material terms. Always keep this in mind before making such a commitment.

Are You Faint Of Heart?

A relationship without disagreements, fights, and hardships isn’t really a relationship. Always keep this in your mind. Ask yourself this; are you willing to put your ego aside to deal with more pressing matters? Can you address and acknowledge your flaws and try to make amends? Because this is what a real relationship demands off you. This is also necessary to honor your partner over your need to always be right, which displays your maturity.

Are You Able To Find Comfort In Discomfort?

In order to resolve and root out the very root cause, you need to have some very stressful conversations. This is the basic pillar on which the relationship stands. The more you avoid having them, the bitter your connection will be in a longer run. So, ask yourself will you be able to handle it?

What Are Your Deal-breakers?

Rarely does one encounter a truly selfless love. Everyone in real life has limits. Limits to if and when reached would nullify the relationship. So, ask yourself this, what is my limit? Does my partner know my limits? Being honest about this would create a very strong base for your relationship.

It Takes To Run A Relationship

You need to realize that what you reap is what you sow. the connection would magically give you happiness. It all depends upon the efforts you put in. Also, one-sided efforts will not be able to save this ship from capsizing.

Are There Walls Surrounding You?

While it is understandable to keep something just to yourself but doing so could be very toxic for your relationship. You need to ask this from yourself, that the walls that surround you are they insurmountable? Or have you left enough space for your partner to climb onto the other side?

Are You Open About Your Sexual Desires?

Sex is the very innate human desire which bound the couple together. That is the reason being open about your needs is very essential in a relationship.

Do you ask something which you are not willing to give to your partner? If that is the case then this makes you a hypocrite. Don’t be one because equality is what keeps the connection running.

Will you stay in the same team even if you seem to be losing the game?

When you get into a relationship you essentially give up 50% of your independence for the favor of keeping the relationship strong, this means that you will make certain sacrifices. So, ask this are you ready to do what it takes?